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Anyone Up for an Egg Hunt?

April 17, 2019

Hey there! Easter Sunday may be right around the corner, but I was actually referring to a different type of egg season. Seems this time of year the geese get to work on their upcoming flock. As you can see in this picture below, my Doberman, Baron, enjoys an egg hunt as much as any three-year-old. I’m aware that they are a protected species in Virginia (meaning it is illegal to harm their eggs or nest, and they may not be trapped or captured and only killed by a licensed hunter during hunting season.) Since I’d hate for Baron to end up with a criminal record for his foraging efforts, the eggs he finds are always gently put back in their nest.

Baron looking a little sheepish, yet proudly displaying his find.
I’m a nature lover at heart and a huge fan of watching all the wonderful birds we have in this area. Geese included. When they are in the water. I think they are truly beautiful and graceful creatures. And I love seeing the parents out during the warmer months ushering their goslings around. But….you knew there was a but, didn’t you?!? If you are at all familiar with geese, you also know where I’m going with this…

The mess! GEEZ! The mess!!! I will say that since we have 2 dogs who routinely lounge on our dock, the geese don’t frequent this location. Even when we aren’t there, we don’t seem to have a geese problem to clean up when we return. I’m guessing that maybe it has something to do with doggie pheromones, or some scent they leave behind. I’ve noticed similarities with my dog-owning neighbors vs. non-dog-owning neighbors. The dog owners seem to have less of a problem with geese congregating on their docks and slips. Even my next door neighbor with a 5-pound Yorkie seems to take advantage of a fowl-free deck. So I guess you could say that my #1 tip for keeping these messy birds away from your dock would be to rescue a dog. Or two. But if that’s not something that you feel will work for you, there are other options.

Dock dog on duck duty. Such a rough life. offers a multitude of problem solving products to keep your dock fowl-free. Many are not the most attractive possibilities, but they must have some level of success, or there wouldn’t be so many around our neighbors yards, docks and boats.

One of my favorite tools for assisting with this, as far as aesthetics are concerned is the Dori Pole. Take a look at the photo below. They can be purchased from this site, although I can’t personally speak to their effectiveness:

I hope you’ll find this beneficial as we head into warmer months if you are having problems with our messy feathered friends. Hopefully you will find a remedy that works for you so you are able to spend more time enjoying Smith Mountain Lake and less time cleaning up after uninvited visitors.

Until next time….Cheers!